The must-have bags in a man’s wardrobe

We list the essential bags that every man must own, whether for work or for leisure.

The word ‘fashion’ still conjures images of women’s clothing and accessories, even in at a time when men’s fashion has evolved by leaps and bounds. The modern man of today likes to dress well and groom himself without feeling like he is losing his masculinity in any way. Men today are more clued into latest fashion trends than ever before, and they are more invested in their personal style and being presentable than they used to be.

But while men’s clothing and accessories like shoes and grooming products receive a lion’s share of the fashion industry’s attention, one area of men’s fashion that is still waiting to catch up is that of men’s bags. When it comes to bags for men, there are only a few options that they can choose. But lately, designers are shifting their attention to this essential daily accessory. As a result, leading fashion stores and online sites have begun featuring a variety of bags for men.

We list the most important bags that a man must own:

* Sling bags. These are the urban male’s go-to accessory for both casual and office wear. Sling bags, also known as messenger bags, can transition from formal to casual in a jiffy. You can wear them over one shoulder when you are dressed in formals – they look great even on a suit when you’re headed to a conference or business meeting – or across the body when you’re leaving from work to go catch up with some friends. Good colours to pick are navy blue, black, tan and olive green. Faux leather sling bags are good for the office, while canvas is good for casual settings.

* Back packs.Backpacks for men are essential casual wear, though many men do carry them to work as well. However, a backpack lends itself well to casual wear like tees, jeans and walking boots rather than a shirt and trouser combination. Back packs for men are rugged and roomy enough to carry all your essentials on a hike or picnic with your gang. Get a men’s backpack in canvas or rexine, in colours like black, tan, brown and grey. Look up leading fashion sites like Jabong to find the best back packs for men.

* Laptop bags. These are a practical solution to the problem of how to carry your laptop, its charging cable and other accessories to and from work without causing it any damage in transit. Also, laptop bags look so stylish! Casually sling it across your shoulder, adjust it for height, and get going. A slightly larger laptop bag can also carry your notebook and pen, flat lunch box and a small water bottle. Now you’re set to leave, looking uber cool.

* Brief cases. Every man needs a brief case for work, since it holds all your files and work documents without causing any damage to them. But they are considered too staid by those in their 20s and 30s – briefcases are now identified as a bonafide ‘dad accessory’! But you must admit that they have their uses – get a deep blue or black one with a metal finish to up your style quotient.

Hit up a leading fashion site like Jabong to explore the newest types and styles of bags for men this season.

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